About Contigo

Trust, security and offers customised for you

You and your company are always the starting point. It’s your print jobs that will go out to meet your customers. We simply provide you the opportunity to draw on our solid experience so you can concentrate on your business.



Once we’ve established together what the job is, we draw on our well-established network of Danish and European suppliers and come back with an offer that matches your requirements regarding high quality, price and delivery time. In other words: we seek out cost-conscious solutions that meet your expectations.


Troubleshooting simply means that we deal with any hassle

If a varnishing process breaks down during your print job, you might think that this would cause problems. This doesn’t happen when you’re our customer. We always find a solution, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be notified as long as we meet the deadline. Most of our customers have been with us for many years. We think that’s a clear recommendation in a highly competitive market. Our keywords are commitment, persistence and follow-up. If a binding agreement has been made, we won’t settle for less along the way.


"Our keywords are commitment, persistence and follow-up"


Contigo is proof that Gutenberg’s ideas are long-lasting

Contigo started in the early ’90s at the same time that the internet made its mark, and talk was about a paperless society and the end of print media. Perhaps it wasn’t the best timing. But we firmly believed in a future that combined on and offline communication, and that one single printing company cannot be all things to all people. Several professional suppliers are required to meet different customers’ individual wishes, requirements and needs for unique solutions. That basic business idea has proven its worth over the years, and today we work – on behalf of large Danish and international customers – with the largest and best printing companies in Europe, each of which represents state-of-the-art technology and together honour the highest demands with regard to quality, price, environment and delivery.