Contigo Print Group is CO2-neutral under its own influence.

We all have a common responsibility to solve the climate crisis. At Contigo, we of course support this. We have a desire to be even more ambitious than society’s CO2 reduction targets.


That is why we have allied ourselves with one of Denmark’s leading advisers at WSP.


Together, we have mapped our emissions, developed a long-term climate strategy, and compensated for the latest emissions. This means that we are CO2-neutral in our own influence * already in 2021.


We know very well that we cannot meet our goal until we can cut off the CO2 compensation. That is why we continue to invest in initiatives that reduce our CO2 emissions in the years to come. For example, we will favor suppliers with the lowest CO2 footprint, avoid air transport whenever possible and gradually replace our own car fleet with electricity – in addition to all the measures we have already taken.


We have compensated for our remaining shortage of CO2 emissions through the internationally recognized Gold Standard®. This means that we have invested in a project in Panama that is third-party verified, so we are sure that the compensation is credible.


* By own influence it is meant the CO2 footprint for Scopes 1 and 2 calculated according to the definitions of the Green House Gas Protocol.