Weight calculator

It's rather meagre to cheat on weight.

By: Contigo Print Group
April 25, 2018

Don’t be surprised that we have an automatic weight calculator when we make a big deal out of personal service, business insight and our in-depth experience in the international market. We always try to make it as easy for you as possible – weight calculation is no exception. So of course you should be able to figure out for yourself the facts about the weight of standard products, so you can guard against expensive surprises regarding distribution in advance.

A weight calculator is only a guideline
There are several variables to consider: for example, the weight of paper can fluctuate due to humidity and other factors by as much as 5%. Additionally, it’s important to add any packaging, envelope, novelty, cover letter, address label, box, etc. After completing our user-friendly weight calculator, you’ll have a reasonable estimate and a quick overview of the next steps to take. Most often, however you will need a more specific estimate that provides a clear-cut total price. An online query is a good start, but ending up with competent, personal advice is even better.

Weight calculator

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